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Indulge in a variety of nail services at Oppa Spa & Beauty Center in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain including manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, and nail art, all performed by our skilled nail technicians.

Hand Painted Nail Art

Our skilled nail technicians can create intricate, hand-painted designs to match your personal style or the latest fashion trends.

Manicure and Pedicure, nail art

3D Nail Art

Elevate your nail look with stunning 3D nail art, featuring embellishments, rhinestones, and intricate designs that add depth and dimension to your nails.

Nail Services

"Woman receiving a manicure at Oppa Spa

Oppa Mani Pedi Cool

For dry hands of feet that needs moisturizing and hydration. Treat your hand and feet to the ultimate moisture boost which combines a cooling mineral scrub, application of soothing balm and radiofrequency machine followed by soothing and hydrating mask and application of lotion and massage.

Oppa Manicool : AED 140/-

Oppa Pedicool : AED 168/-

Oppa Manicool & Pedicool : AED 278/-

Oppa Mani Pedi Glow

For a glowing soft skin, to prevent darkening skin and to prevent callosities around small joints. The treatment blasts your skin with whitening serum, whitening mask and radiofrequency machine to achieve dewy, glowing skin with maximum hydration and a soft natural glow.

Oppa Manicool : AED 140/-

Oppa Pedicool : AED 168/-

Oppa Manicool & Pedicool : AED 278/-

"Woman receiving a manicure at Oppa Spa
Woman receiving a manicure at Oppa Spa

Oppa Mani Pedi Lift

For ageing and tiring hands, to prevent fine lines and age spots on your hands, and to prevent age related fatigability of hands and fingers. The treatment will improve aging sign on hands, pigmentation , lighten the skin tone hydrate dehydrated skin and improve skin collagen and elasticity.

Oppa Manilift : AED 140/-

Oppa Pedilift : AED 168/-

Oppa Manilift & Pedilift : AED 278/-

Oppa Signature Manicure/ Pedicure/Combo

Without Color – AED 70/98/168

With Normal Color – AED 105/126/210

French/ Reverse French  (Additional) – AED 42/98/112

Normal Color Application only –  AED 42/42/70 

Woman having a pedicure at Oppa Spa
Woman receiving a manicure at Oppa Spa -

Oppa Signature Manicure/ Pedicure/Combo

Gel Application only – AED 98/112/196

Gel Manicure/Pedicure/Combo – AED 196/224/350

French Gel Manicure/Pedicure/Combo (Additional) – AED 70/84/140

Gel Removal –  AED 42/-

Acrylic Extension

Full Set without color – AED 420/-

Acrylic Removal – AED 98/-

Full Refill Acrylic with Gel color – AED 275/-

Woman receiving a manicure at Oppa Spa
Woman receiving a manicure at Oppa Spa -

Hard Gel

Hard Gel with Extension – AED 378/-

Hard Gel without Extension – AED 238/-

Full Refill Hard Gel – AED 210/-

PVC Extension with Gel

Full set – AED 225/-

Nail extension in Oppa spa

Oppa Spa and Beauty Center is exclusively for ladies. All services were designed and thought through to cater the needs of every women, leaving them feeling beautiful, confident, and extremely empowered.

We are located in the heart of the city, specifically at the mezzanine floor of the same building as The Skewers Restaurant, along hamdan street, backside of Emax and Brands for Less – in Abu Dhabi. Our location is easily accessible for everyone as it is closer to every establishments, whether it be restaurants, gyms, groceries, offices and other places. It will be easier for everyone to get their stuff done and go directly for a nice, relaxing time at Oppa Spa. Life being a mother, a student, a working individual can pretty much be exhausting and it is just right to have some “me time” every now and then. As for the girls coming from outside the city, no worries as valet parking is made available to save you from the stress of looking for parking spaces. Just give the reception a call ahead of time so we can assist you accordingly.

The longevity of our nail services depends on factors such as the specific treatment, nail growth rate, and aftercare. Regular manicures and pedicures typically last 1-2 weeks, while gel or acrylic applications may last 2-3 weeks or longer with proper care.

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our clients and use high-quality, non-toxic nail products for our services. If you have any concerns or allergies, please inform our staff so that we can accommodate your needs.

Yes, we are happy to accommodate clients who prefer to bring their own nail polish or nail art supplies. Please inform our staff of your preferences when booking your appointment.

To prolong the life of your nail treatment, avoid exposing your nails to harsh chemicals or excessive moisture, and use gloves when doing household chores. Apply a cuticle oil and moisturizer daily to keep your nails and skin hydrated and healthy. If you have gel or acrylic nails, avoid picking or peeling the product, as this can damage your natural nails.

We recommend returning to our spa for professional removal of gel or acrylic nails, as attempting to remove them at home can result in damage to your natural nails. Our skilled technicians use safe and effective methods to remove the product without causing harm to your nails.

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